“5 Keys to Innovation”

Learn how creativity expands limiting beliefs to facilitate fun new ways to problem solve.

“Your greatest innovation is just a thought away.” –David Delmar


Innovation is like white water rafting. Light paddling leads to exciting flow to the unknown. Trusting yourself to co-create with the water. Working together to find a destination. Innovation is so important to living the life of your dreams because it will improve character, increase focus and up level your life.


“Mastering Imperfection to Master Your Life”

Changing imperfection from a weakness to our own unique greatness


“Imperfection is an art a skill.” –David Delmar


Imperfection is like sculpting with clay. We craft and mold the best parts of ourselves from the perceived leftovers to create our true and most powerful self.

It brings results that feel more peaceful, authentic and spontaneous with less of the stress all the while expanding our awareness about the world.



Increased motivation             Increased employee performance
Improved teamwork              Increased satisfaction
Boosted morale                     Better relationships
Increase in respect                Productivity improvements
Decreased turnover               Stronger problem solving skills


Improved profits
Improved employee morale
Reduced attrition
Improved customer satisfaction

Improved collaboration


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