Creativity Booster

This worksheet is for you if you’re what I sometimes refer to as a “closet creative “or a person who is creative with inner brilliance that no one else really knows about. Who made the choice to take on a job for the paycheck and now feel numbed by the work as they count the minutes until they get to leave only to repeat it the next day. Someone who hasn’t yet put the world on notice that they have awoken and will not be quieted or hide their message any longer. If you’re this person then you know its time to get your masterpiece complete and out into the world to people waiting to hear your message! The questions below when answered truthfully will start to move the needle aligning you with your true north and away from feeling stuck. Instead you’ll start initiating the removal of those boulders sitting between you and the life of your dreams. Each example will help get you started. Please elaborate and use as much of the spaces given as possible. The more detailed you are the better!