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Now Here’s Something

Something About Me:

David Delmar talks through his music with a creative message focused on fun


He ignites ready, willing and able audiences to put front and center their creative authenticity. He does so by singing songs he’s co-creating in the moment with his audience who provide him keywords.

David is still calling Council Bluffs home, although he presides in Phoenix, AZ. In Iowa he grew up speaking his truth even when being outspoken wasn’t welcomed. He describes often finding himself in trouble at school, confused and bullied. “I ran into trouble being my authentic self.” Backlash was hard believing I wasn’t good enough and then weeding out such beliefs. I’m loving that I now work through music helping root out the same beliefs in others.

“A breakthrough moment years ago was the stark realization I was comparing myself to nearly everyone I came into contact with.” Delmar affirms “Having done everything in my power to rid myself of that way of thinking, I now get to enjoy a self compassion centric belief system as I experience life through the lens of my Superhero Self. All of it leading to at the age of 32 waking up one day and suddenly having virtuoso piano playing abilities.

Over the years he’s developed his gifts so he could have full dominion over his life and career. It’s allowed him to say yes to the things that light him up the most. Such is the reason for his Keynote Concerts, which involve spontaneous music creation performed in collaboration with your audience. A powerful experience welcoming in creativity to guide us toward breakthroughs.

Our Mission:

Anyone with a purposeful destination guided by their inner GPS knows when you’re being called to do something important. Maybe that’s you? 
I know our mission is to help corporate organizations to succeed through the instability currently happening in our industries. Unlike the dinosaurs that fell our big companies need to stay alive and thrive not only just survive. 

With this mission we bring an authentic message to meet you and the company in the middle of your current standing in the marketplace.

I hope things are great and you want even better. However, if things aren’t super awesome right now and you need improvement we can and will make it happen using the power of creativity. No fluff, we’ll actually tap into creativity not just talk about it. Because I know your done with talk and you need results… maybe even a miracle? 

No worries, we’ve got you covered. We look forward to hearing about your companies interest and how we can serve those interest best.

Core Values:

  • Transparency: Our whole approach toward business and life is centered on being authentic with out putting on masks.
  • Self compassion: The most vital of our core values. Life happens from the inside out and excels at the rate of our own self love.
  • Creativity: We strongly believe and experience that when creativity is allowed space everything changes.
  • Knowingness: Is the result of alignment with the other core values. Its experiential beginning to see life through a new lens. That of the Superhero Self.

Workshops and consulting

We make available half and full day options based on your teams needs. The activities and events will be tailored to your organizations specific needs, wants and desires.

  • creative authenticity training
  • creative leadership training
  • spontaneous impact training
  • compassion centric training
  • purposeful positioning training