Why this blog?

Why this blog?

Bully Bully is a home for fresh though about how WE act as humans. I’m David Delmar a speaker and trainer with K.A.P.O.W! The acronym stands for Kindness & Compassion, Acceptance, Perspective, Ownership, Worldly.

This blog will call into question what WE find divides us and what unites us. Everything in between is a container that will incubate deeper awareness to guide the narrative about bullying and how it technically is something WE all have done or are doing. I preface that notion with the fact that WE are all doing it with how WE treat ourselves in our minds.

It’s from this standpoint I’ll be introducing perspective I’ve developed from my own experiences. For the sake of clarity, conciseness and conversation I’ll be as direct and on topic as possible.
Our attention spans are limited today and I’ll get better as I go. It’s our opportunity to maneuver the direction this blog takes. In that togetherness WE’ll find breakthroughs I promise you. I thank you and I love you.

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