The Untapped Potential Music Has to Raise Global Consciousness (3-part series)

The Untapped Potential Music Has to Raise Global Consciousness (3-part series)

(Series 1) Raise Your Vibrate

Global consciousness is something I feel as people we are all aware of simply by being part of the matrix. We understand it in the deep recesses of our programming, whether we are willing to admit it or not. I like to imagine what it would be like if it were a topic discussed as much as who got dumped on the latest dating show for an example. I love the feeling I get when I see with (real-eye zed) vision what the world will look like when this happens.  I don’t feel like it’s too far off from becoming just that.


The reason I think this way is because as a musician I perform using a style that has a foundation rooted in mindfulness. And let me quickly add that mindfulness is something that has been around since man’s beginnings and the fact it is such a popular term used today shouldn’t over shadow that. I perform utilizing energy present in the room to guide my music that manifest in an organic and truly original connection with the audience. I actually feel what the download is in terms of the words and music and respond without the need for much thinking at all.  I’ve developed a trust that what is meant to communicate will be what comes out in a musically pleasing way. If you’re interested in how I do this your invited to reach out to me at  How I utilize this approach is something you hold the power to do right now for anything you may want to apply it toward. I use music because that is the source I utilize best to express my true and authentic self.


Okay, so how does this have anything to do with raising global consciousness? I thought you’d never ask! I believe everyone is infinitely powerful having the power to do truly anything they choose to focus in on and believe in. These are our super powers!  It’s also these abilities that bring us closer together as opposed to being divided like we experience in society and the world today. It’s scientifically factual that our planet and our bodies are mostly water. And water serves as an amplification system for sound to travel through as though both were made for the other… and they were. Now imagine putting the power of intention to travel within the sound being amplified throughout the world. It’s basically the ultimate ripple effect, through the water in the ecosphere and now through our bodies connecting everyone.

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