The Untapped Potential Music as to Raise Global Consciousness (Series 3)

The Untapped Potential Music as to Raise Global Consciousness (Series 3)

For the global consciousness to manifest more people are going to be discovering their own super powers. Let’s say for example who ever may be reading this right now is saying to themselves, “I don’t have super powers… do I?” The quick answer is yes, you do and the moment your awareness begins to expand allowing this to shift your belief system is when you’ll have a moment or a sensation you likely haven’t had before and it’s from this place that the foundation for the rest of your life will be built atop.


If you’re a person who isn’t caught up in the symbolism of having “stuff” and you are after a much bigger prize and is evident by the way you show up everyday and how you treat people everyday in a loving, non judging way and also practice that with yourself then you are the ones who are the next to pop. When I say pop think of popcorn popping and each little kernel pops to become popcorn, that is how fast and rapid this is happening in the world today and I’m excited for you because it means you have done the work to get to the level of vibration you’re currently at to be able to hear and decipher this information.


In the days of the historical Jesus as it is written he was asked why he spoke in parables. And he would reply as I paraphrase, “It’s so those who aren’t meant to receive such powerful knowledge because their level of vibration won’t comprehend and misuse it.” And because they are unable to understand what they hear they will not relate to those able to hear the true teachings of Jesus and how he used it to communicate his message to those in alignment with his words vibrations. And you who are reading this likely are meant to understand that language or the language of this method I’ve described that’s using music to communicate a same type of message with intention on a vibrational level being placed in music, water to create waveform vibrations.


The fact of the matter which is my own belief that most of us all want love, peace and stability in the world and it is far from stable right now and what it needs is for more of us to become balanced and grounded in our flow like state and being present. This way the global consciousness will start to solidify as we finally choose to do something different and settle down all the activity going on with the harsh global stories of pain, greed, and anguish etc. we witness happening in to many places throughout our planet.

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