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David Delmar

Motivational Speaker

and custom in the moment song creator

Wow…that was so amazing!“- Susan Koziak / Event Producer

David has a way of adding expression to his message with his authentic and artistic voice. He takes a serious yet playful approach in addressing topics many of us don’t want to acknowledge.

Brian Zahn, CPLC

A New View, To A New You, - Nationwide Coaching

LOVED seeing David perform at The Listening Room! His concert was extraordinary~ Engaging, exhilarating, and courageous…He leapt OUT of the BOX and into the Ocean, the Awesome Sauce of Growth and LIFE!

Cindy Weir

Communications, MA; M.S. CCC-SLP at, Creating an Artful Life

David Delmar is wonderful human being with such a big heart. He connects with his audience in a very raw, honest and real way
and he has a way of drawing you in emotionally so that you feel more like a participant than an observer as you move through his journey. The result, clear and concise ways that we can all break free from our past and learn to thrive!

Susan Koziak

Live Event Director and Fashion Show Producer, Koziak Productions, Inc.

David Delmar so impressed me with his creativity on stage! Very few people are willing or able to spontaneously create a song in the moment, but David did that on my stage and everyone loved the song! Combining that with David’s speaking and his gripping story was a powerful experience for my audience!

Tiamo De Vetorri

Event Planner, Master Speaker , Trainer, #1 Best Selling Author

David has an amazing ability to see beyond and through the mundane. His creative ability and relentless pursuit of outside-the-box thinking positions him perfectly in today’s constantly changing market space. For those leaders who are willing to look beyond traditional problem solving, David’s skills are a must.

Tonya Dawn Recla

Executive Director of Super Power Experts


Keynote Presentation

“Imperfection is like sculpting with clay. We craft and mold the best parts of ourselves from the perceived leftovers to create our true and most powerful self.” – David Delmar

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David Delmar: Bios

David Delmar is a professional speaker, musician and leadership consultant utilizing his mix+music+mind technology. He has a degree in Corporate Communications and does something called Keynote Concerts, which is his signature way of combining music with his message.

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