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The Speaker Also

David wants everyone to know they are a creator and to become empowered, so they can release the passion they have inside them – and connect it to inspired action that will change lives. It’s like a giant who has been sleeping, is suddenly awakened and becomes fired up, only in a loving and positive way. That’s what David feels every day and it’s his mission to wake up people during his Keynote Concerts to start creating through inspired innovation in all facets of their lives. To finally reconnect with lost dreams and start generating renewed hope.


David gives his signature Keynote Concerts at:

  • Personal growth seminars

  • Corporate events

  • Trainings

  • Colleges and high schools

  • Commencements

  • Conventions

  • Private VIP events

If you would like to hire David Delmar for your event, contact:
480-808-CRE8 (2738)

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“David Delmar so impressed me with his creativity on stage! Very few people are willing or able to spontaneously create a song in the moment, but David did that on my stage and everyone loved the song! Combining that with David’s speaking and his gripping story was a powerful experience for my audience!”
Tiamo De Vettori, Event Planner / Master Speaker Trainer / #1 Best Selling Author

David Delmar is wonderful humanbeing with such a big heart. He connects with his audience in a very raw, honestand real way and he has a way of drawing you in emotionally so that you feel more like  a participant than an observer as you move through his journey. The result, clear and concise ways that we can all break free from our past and learn to thrive!

Susan Koziak, Life Event Director and Fashion Show Producer, Koziak Productions, Inc.
David’s performance and message was extraordinary~Engaging, exhilarating, and courageous…He leapt OUT of the BOX and into the Ocean. True Awesome Sauce on display.
Cindy Weir, Creating An Artful Life
David has a way of adding expression to his message with his authentic and artistic voice. He takes a serious yet playful approach in addressing topics many of us don’t want to acknowledge.
Brian Zahn, A New View To a New You