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David Delmar - CEO
David Delmar
CEO & Founder, mix+music+mind

Growing up in the rolling hills of Southwest Iowa, mix+music+mind CEO David Coats knew his life was destined for something different.

He attended the University of Iowa and after college, David worked in real estate and as an actor in Los Angeles, California. Still, something was missing.

Then, when David was 32, he discovered he loved playing the piano. It was like all those pieces of the puzzle had started to come together. Even so, it wasn’t easy. It took five years for David to master the keys. It took even  longer for David to truly get outside of his own head, to understand that he didn’t have to follow the path the music industry dictated that he and  people like him should follow.

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David, with the help of a friend and mentor, worked toward gaining the confidence and self-love he needed to realize that he wasn’t trying to become a musician. He already was one.

Mix+music+mind is a Phoenix, Arizona-based  coaching service rooted in mindfulness creativity. Each of us are infinitely powerful to do whatever we want. We all have a super power inside us that we need to grow and strengthen, whether it’s playing an instrument, writing a novel or painting a canvas.

At mix+music+mind, we want to help you reveal your creative powers.

David, who lives with his wife, Kelly, and two children, is now a singer-songwriter, coach and motivational speaker. Through his unique methods and coaching services in Scottsdale, Arizona, David works to help creative people unblock whatever is stopping them from starting and finishing their masterpieces.

David’s methods help musicians write the songs they were born to write, instead of letting the creativity and passion die inside them because they backed down to society’s opinion of what they should and shouldn’t do and who they should and shouldn’t be.

David’s coaching services are based on his own experiences in life.

He wants to be a champion for creative people to help the identify what is holding them back so they can pull out their masterpieces and start connecting to their purpose in life.

David can help you, too. Give mix+music+mind a call, text or email today to set up a consultation.


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