CPS_4962David Delmar talks through his music and says what he means to say. His message speaks to audiences hungry for answers to life’s questions who don’t subscribe to the status quo. With a rock & pop style he offers a sound developed over time reinforced with stylistic piano improvisation. His recently released EP titled “Mystery Box” explores these topics offering perspective in the age-old pursuit of happiness.

Born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, David Delmar was always eager to speak what he felt, but discovered being outspoken was not always welcomed. Growing up, he often found himself in trouble at school and confused about who he was supposed to become. This part of his past is what inspires his style of songwriting. “I always ran into trouble for trying to be my authentic self.” It had repercussions in my life where I often thought I wasn’t good enough to go after my dreams.” It is his life work to let others know you always have a voice and shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. When life seemed to hit bottom, Delmar decided it was up to him to right the ship to live life and fulfill his dreams.

Going at it alone was how he approached life, but now he only moves forward through togetherness with others. His commitment is to connect with like-minded people who relentlessly seek their own truths in life. “It’s so easy to get caught up in the comparison game of life,” Delmar affirms. “It was only when I finally stopped comparing myself to others and began to love who I am that my life took flight.” One thing always influencing Delmar is music. It began in his early elementary days and obsession with Michael Jackson and continued into college life when he discovered the band Phish. His music influences will be a part of him forever. “

I started finding my purpose when I discovered a hidden talent to play piano,” explains Delmar. “I was living in Los Angeles working in film and television, but I knew in my heart the music industry is where I belong.” While David has been developing who he is as an artist, he has also figured out who he wants to be in life. “I used to think I needed to be all about the creativity and not let anything get in its way. I began to realize it’s all about expressing love. I started my own family and creativity is going in many new and exciting directions. Now my dreams are coming true.”

Delmar also dreams of helping us as people remember how beautiful and loving we are.  “The energies put toward perpetuating unhealthy patterns of living for the sake of convenience is chipping away at our moral fibers. It’s my opinion we’re allowing external influences to define what we are as people.” David’s goal is to help us all in society including himself remember that happiness is sustainable and not just a fleeting thing. “It’s not about being “new age,” it’s more about a “new way.” Together we can combine our common interest to create motivation which propels us away from anything that doesn’t bring us happiness.

The movement of togetherness happening in the world is exciting Delmar’s passion to harness the power of music with an intention to create energy that “opens minds and awakens souls.” “I’m continuing this movement utilizing my years working in entertainment (film/music) coupled with six years in integrative health as an LMT (licensed massage therapists), MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) graduate of Phoenix Mindful Living and certified life coach. Through this power of togetherness WE will harness the power of music with an intention to form pure and positive energy like never before. I invite you to join along to be a part of such an exciting time in our human history.