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It’s a real honor to talk about this next topic — especially around the holidays. Have you ever felt guilty about the food you are throwing away from your refrigerator? I know I have. Now, think about large grocers, restaurants and corporations whose business is perishable foods. Where do you think their food goes? I can tell you after recently attending an event for a local non-profit, Waste NOT.

First a little bit of information about Waste Not whose slogan is “Feeding the Valley’s hungry with food that would go to waste.” This year they are celebrating 25 years of service to the hungry men, women and children of OUR Valley. Waste NOT remains the only perishable food rescue program in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Their donations come from restaurants, resorts, caterers, grocers and various food purveyors. They have licensed food-handler drivers who deliver the food in refrigerated trucks the same day is is collected. The perishable food – which would otherwise go to waste – is dispersed among a diverse network of organizations that feed the hungry, including schools, after-school programs, senior facilities transition homes and rehabilitation centers. Waste NOT delivered more than 2 million pounds of food last year to those who need it most. But, they want to do so much more. 1 in 4 children in OUR community still go to bed hungry every night!

Did you know even though corporations are protected legally, many aren’t donating their food in fear of being sued? The Arizona legislature passed what it calls the “Good Samaritan Law” in August of 1989. This law exempts Waste NOT partners from potential liability or damages related to the donation of perishable foods. It’s my goal to bring awareness to the needs of hungry people here in Phoenix who could have their lives drastically improved if more businesses would donate perishable foods. You and I have the power to get the word out that businesses are protected and trucks will come to them to pick up their perishable food. WE can make a difference locally and feel good about being part of the solution for our hungry people in the Valley.

For more information and how you can help feed the hungry in the Valley. Go to and become informed and educated about the solutions available to help the hungry.

My next post will discuss the benefits of yoga in particular HOT yoga. I will focus on the good work Bikram Yoga AZ is doing for my body and so many bodies in the Valley.

Until then, choose to win… because losing is impossible.

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