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Unveil Your Creative Super Powers.

As a creator you have no limits – Deep down you know the truth

But many people from musicians to corporate team leaders and everything in between find themselves blocked. Confused and secretly unfulfilled. They are letting life pass them by feeling like they are looking from the outside in. Something is stopping them from following their dreams to their fullest potential.

But what?

It’s time to find out. It’s time to unblock. It’s time to unveil your creative super powers.

David incorporates innovation as he creates songs in the moment with his audiences and tells stories that educate and inspire. He calls them Keynote Concerts and they create an experience unmatched in the industry. David takes his audiences on a journey to discover their own creative gifts.  They take with them tools that can enhance their work and personal lives.

Topic: “5 Keys to Innovation”

“Your greatest innovation is just a thought away.” –David Delmar

Innovation is like white water rafting. Light paddling leads to exciting flow to the unknown. Trusting yourself to co-create with the water. Working together to find a destination. And the journey is how the content is created.

Topic: “How to Master Imperfection”

“Imperfection is an art a skill.” –David Delmar

Imperfection is like sculpting with clay. We craft and mold the best parts of ourselves from the perceived leftovers to create our true and most powerful self.

As humans we are infinitely powerful to do whatever we want. However, we don’t always choose to. 

But why?

It begins with finding creative solutions that take a closer look at what’s stopping us. Is it fear of the unknown, fear of being seen or fear of success itself – perfectionism often times is involved.

Take the first step!

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How do we do it? We understand – because we’ve been there.

David Delmar is a musician who didn’t know he was a musician until he was 32 years old. Before then, he was kind of lost in his work journey. Living in Los Angeles working side gigs he knew weren’t really him. He felt like he had no identity. On his first day of first grade something happened leaving him searching and struggling to know who he really is. 

To right the ship he began self-acceptance work and reaching out to others for guidance. But one day, he struck a few keys and discovered he was a really good pianist. A passion evolved he never knew he had. With hard work, he was finally able to perform his intuitive method live and it started by creating an inspiring masterpiece that had been hiding deep within his soul for years: his song, “Smile.” Check it out.

Check It Out
David Delmar - CEO


David wants people to become more creative and empowered, so they too can release the passion they have inside them – the passion that inspired them to give their dreams a shot in the first place. It’s like a giant who has been sleeping, is suddenly awakened and becomes fired up, only in a loving and positive way. That’s what David feels every day and it’s his mission to wake up people to their own creative super powers.

David’s speaking services are based on his own experiences in life.
He can help you, too.

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David Delmar

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