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Motivational Speaker-Singer-Songwriter

Unveil Your Creative Super Powers.

Many creative people from musicians to corporate team leaders and everything in between find themselves blocked. Confused and secretly unfulfilled. They allow life to pass them by often feeling like they are looking from the outside in. Something is stopping them from following their dreams to their fullest potential.

But what?

It’s time to find out. It’s time to unblock.

Focusing on the topic of innovation David uses creativity to reinforce his belief that when we create we significantly increase our ability to experience a fulfilling life. David creates songs in the moment as his audience tells him what words to use.

The songs he sings and the stories he tells educate, uplift and inspire. He calls them Keynote Concerts and they create an experience unlike any other in the industry. David takes his audiences on a journey to discover their own creative gifts.  They gain new insights and awareness they can immediately take inspired action with as they apply it to their work and personal lives.

His first song using his intuitive song writing method is called Smile. Check it out.

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David wants people to become more creative and empowered, so they too can release the passion they have inside them – the passion that inspired them to give their dreams a shot in the first place. It’s like a giant who has been sleeping, is suddenly awakened and becomes fired up, only in a loving and positive way. That’s what David feels every day and it’s his mission to wake up people to their own creative super powers.

David Delmar - CEO

David’s speaking services are based on his own experiences in life.
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