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Reveal your creative powers.

All of us have a song inside us. A masterpiece –  a super power – that is waiting to be unveiled to the world.

But many creative people, especially musicians, find themselves blocked. They haven’t yet found a way to completely unleash their creativity – and it’s slowly crushing them. Stuck in unfulfilling jobs that do nothing more than pay the bills, they are letting life pass them by. Something is stopping them from following their dreams to their fullest potential.

But what?

It’s time to find out. It’s time to unblock. It’s time to reveal your creative powers.


Mix+music+mind is a Phoenix, Arizona-based coaching service rooted in mindfulness creativity. Each of us are infinitely powerful to do whatever we want. We all have a super power inside us that we need to grow and strengthen, whether it’s playing an instrument, writing a novel or painting a canvas.

We will help you look at what’s stopping you – fear of the unknown, fear of being seen or fear of success itself, for example – so you can get your masterpiece out. Once that happens, you no longer will feel as though you will die with the music still inside you.

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How do we do it? We understand – because we’ve been there.

Mix+music+mind CEO David Coats is a musician who didn’t know he was a musician until he was 32 years old. Before then, he had been living in Los Angeles, working as an actor and other jobs. But one day, he struck a few keys and discovered a passion he didn’t know he had.

It wasn’t easy. He had a lot to learn. Like many musicians, David fell victim to the music industry’s perception of success. He struggled for years – lacking the courage to even attend an open mic night for five years – before he finally decided enough was enough. David began working with a coach and looking deep within himself. With hard work, he was finally able to create an inspiring masterpiece that had been hiding deep within his soul for years: his song, “Smile.” Check it out.

David Delmar - CEO
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David wants his fellow musicians and other creative people to became empowered, so they too can release the passion they have inside them – the passion that inspired them to give their dreams a shot in the first place.

It’s like a giant who has been sleeping, is suddenly awakened and becomes fired up, only in a loving and positive way. That’s what David feels every day and it’s his mission to wake up creative people so they can truly unleash their inner power.

David’s coaching services are based on his own experiences in life.
He can help you, too.

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David Delmar Coats